¡Hemos llegado!

We have arrived safely in Monteverde, Costa Rica, which will be our home base for the next few months. We are bundled up now with a big windy rainstorm outside. Had a meal of fried plantains and are unpacked and settling in for the night. Lots to do before the students return on Sunday.

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10 responses to “¡Hemos llegado!

  1. Lookin’ good M & R. I can almost feel the tropical breezes through the video. I like the stop-action packing scene, also good choice of background music. Can’t wait to live vicariously though you for the next few months.

  2. Hah! Yay! So glad the blog is up and running and I really liked the packing video. Looking forward to hearing more about Costa Rica from you both. I miss those fried plantains…

  3. Love you Guys! Enjoy your adventure – the universe has fantastical wonderful things in store for you!!! Keep your eyes, heart and mind open. LOVE Tia Laurita

  4. Well done! Love the video and I remember sitting at the same place in Hotel Pangea! Some great memories and more on the way.

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