Nuestra caminata en Bajo del Tigre

Today was a bluebird day in Monteverde. We spent most of the day hiking the trails of Bajo del Tigre, a forest reserve about half a mile from our apartment. We were lucky enough to see a Pájaro Campana, or Three-wattled Bellbird (Procnias tricarunculatus), which is endemic to the montane cloud forests of Central America. The Bellbird is famous for its distinct bonking call and the long noodle-like wattles of skin that hang from the base of the bill (males only). We also spent some time with a Pava Negra, or Black Guan (Chamaepetes unicolor), which is about the size of a hen. You’ll see both of these birds in our latest gallery post and in the video below.

On our way back from the forest we treated ourselves to our first mango of the trip – amazing! We had planned to save half of it to have with dinner, but found that it is impossible to eat only half a mango. Check back tomorrow for a tour of our new digs here at the CIEE study center.


6 responses to “Nuestra caminata en Bajo del Tigre

  1. I agree with Colin–great blog! But maybe you could translate the Spanish for those of us who don’t habla español?

  2. Beautiful blog, Ross and Marty. Thanks for sharing your experiences in the field! Will check in often.

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