A glimpse of a morning in the field

Time has flown and we are already one full week into the mapping projects. We started on Monday by teaching our three interns how to use a GPS and make a hand-drawn observation map in the field, and we’ve ended the week by teaching them how to work with their data in ArcGIS. In between, they’ve spent three days collecting data in the field. They’ve absorbed a ton of information in the past five days and they’re off to a great start.

We’d like to give you a short glimpse at what a morning in the field is like for one of our interns, Abbey. For her project, Abbey has partnered with a local conservation organization, Fundación Conservacionista Costarricense (FCC). She is in the process of mapping their reforestation projects across Monteverde (five sites with a total of 1300 trees). The work that Abbey is doing will dramatically improve the FCC’s ability to manage, analyze, and visualize their tree data and monitor the reforestation project. Glimpses of the other two projects coming soon!


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