Army ant invasion

At 8pm, two hours ago, we noticed several ants moving in a line on the kitchen counter. Upon closer inspection, we found that they were entering the house in a steady stream via the back door. We then began looking around and noticing hundreds of ants climbing up the walls clutching their larvae, going to hide behind paintings hung on the wall. These are harvester ants and they live in the house regularly. The fact that they were starting to climb up the walls and hide confirmed to us that the ants we were seeing on the counter were army ants, and that these army ants were beginning to launch a full-scale attack on our house.

That was two hours ago. They are now fully invading the entire outer perimeter of the house, attacking and eating every living thing (not plants) in the area. This is how army ants work: they work together to cover an area and do not leave until they have eaten everything. There’s nothing we can do except let them through and hope that it is quick. Our friends up the road had them for almost three months, others have them for only a few hours.

It’s unclear at this point whether they will fully invade the house or not. We’re hoping that they don’t come in at all, or that if they do, they come in soon and get it over with. We can’t go to sleep until it’s over, since we don’t want to wake up to army ants swarming our bodies. Let’s hope for a quick exit! We’ll keep you posted.


3 responses to “Army ant invasion

  1. Gadzooks…i am not sure i will be sleeping tonight either…hope they are quick on the attack and subsequent retreat! Love you – tia laurita

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