Okay, THAT was fun

Over the past couple of days we’ve done our first three flights of aerial photography with balloons. It has been a big success and a LOT of fun. We’ve managed to get some great video as well as some great stills. We’re learning a lot about how to maneuver the rig, how much lift power we need, and how to read and deal with various air currents. We’ve also learned that we definitely need a backup line! Yesterday we had a heart-racing incident of encountering an unexpected current and getting the line caught on the hot, radiating roof, where it could have easily melted or snapped.

Here are some highlights. For more photos, see this picasa album.

You’ll notice that Ross’s folks are in the process of laying a foundation for a new barn.

The height and the nice wide angle allow us to get the bee hives, the hoop house, the big dig, and part of the house all in the same shot.

We think this was our highest shot. It was also right before the crazy air current came and we got stuck on the roof – yikes!

We’ll definitely be doing this at the Common Ground Fair in September, as well as any other occasions we can think of. If you would like us to shoot your property or a special event you’re holding, let us know!

Once we get a day that is windy enough, we’ll be trying this out with our kite rig. Perfecting a technique with the kite will be useful when we venture to places where we don’t have easy access to helium.


2 responses to “Okay, THAT was fun

  1. Very cool. Funny thing – I saw someone using an aerial photography balloon on Haunted Highway…a paranormal program I stumbled on. Nice to see how it is actually used to view properties. Thanks for sharing!!

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