National Geographic Young Explorers

We just found out that we have received a National Geographic Young Explorers grant to embark on a cartographic expedition to the future Patagonia National Park in Chile. This generous support from National Geographic launches us into our next phase of following our dreams in place-based visual storytelling.


We will be departing for Patagonia in mid-January. Until then, we have lots of planning and preparation to do, as well as more fundraising. We’ll be keeping everyone updated here on our blog. We would love and appreciate any feedback you have on our project and ways we can make it better, so tell us your thoughts! 

Here’s a short description of our project:

The future Patagonia National Park is being created in one of the last remaining wild places on Earth, a place with an incredible diversity of species and habitats that are recovering from a history of overgrazing and desertification. Located in Chile’s Aysen Region along the Argentine border, the future park bridges the gap between the existing Tamango and Jeinimeini reserves, forming a protected area the size of Yosemite National Park. This park sets a model for 21st century conservation by applying a whole ecosystems approach to the land, the community, and sustainability. With the support of the park, we are embarking on a cartographic expedition to create a cohesive, place-based portal for exploring the future Patagonia National Park from anywhere in the world. Our goal is to tell the unique story of the future park through compelling cartography combined with rich multimedia visual content and spoonfuls of educational information. In doing this, we will create an interactive visual manifestation of the future park and its conservation mission, accessible worldwide. Great maps are an ideal platform for telling this story and inspiring people around the world to feel connected to this place. Over the course of seven weeks of field work in the park, we will collect geographic, audiovisual, and educational content which we will integrate into custom cartography to create a print visitors guide to the park and an interactive web map to engage a global audience.


7 responses to “National Geographic Young Explorers

  1. Marty! This is amazing news! This sounds like the best adventure out there..or one of them. Need an extra videographer?????

      • oh, good to hear from you! I’m living in an amazing place in Providence, doing a whole lot of art and design work. The resources and design connections around here are nearly endless, and my world is expanding wonderfully. I must admit I would love to embark on an adventure like the one you are planning, though! Let me know how I can help, in any way!

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