Our DIY panning time lapse


We’ve been having fun this week engineering and playing with our homemade panning time lapse device. We made a device specifically for our GoPro camera, but the mount could be modified for any camera that does video or has a burst mode. All we used was a little egg timer, a nut, a small piece of wood, a hand saw, a drill, and some gorilla glue. Pretty simple, thanks to the engineering that already went into the egg timer. It can be mounted on a tripod or just on a table or a pile of books.

Here’s our first panning time lapse video, done in Marty’s mom’s garden. She’s a landscape designer and runs her own business, Bartlett Gardens. Marty is always looking for ways she can promote her talented mom’s work and we thought this could be something for her website. Watch and let us know what you think! Do you have ideas for interesting panning (or non-panning) time lapses? We’d love to hear from you.

The egg timer turns 360 degrees in one hour, so we did a one hour long shoot and then sped it up 64x.


10 responses to “Our DIY panning time lapse

  1. Wow! That worked great! Could you give us the specs – how long was the exposure? Really nice work! Think it’d be strong enough to spin my camera?

    • Great question! We had the video going for one hour (60 min egg timer) and we sped the video up 64 times. The rig is very sturdy and could probably support a DSLR as long as it has a wide angle lens on it. We are looking to try it out on top of a mountain or by the ocean next!

  2. Beautiful. We get to virtually enjoy the space without effort. The creative spirit, that made the effort, is rewarded with countless others sharing the space without consuming it.

  3. I know of a nice pond at Fern Ley that might be fun. Should work great at the Common Ground Fair. Well done!

    • Thanks, Niki! That one you linked to is awesome, and cheap! What a wonderful idea to just stack them. We will definitely have to incorporate that into our design for version 2.0. Check out this other (pricier) version, which is controlled by an app and has all sorts of controls: http://alpinelaboratories.com/. We pre-ordered one on Kickstarter and they’re going to send it to us in time for our mapping project in Patagonia. I’d love to see what you produce with the one you get!

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