Common Ground Fair

Hello everyone!

We are now in Costa Rica and want to share all that has happened in the past few weeks. To start, we would like to rewind to September 21, 22, 23 when we were busy at the Common Ground Country Fair!

As some of you know we produced an interactive web map of the the famed MOFGA Fair this summer and also launched our organization, Maps for Good. At the Fair we had a booth where we talked about our work and our upcoming project in Patagonia. It was an exhausting three days, but we were renewed with energy every time someone came by interested in what we’re doing. We squeezed in some creative projects on the side, like a panning time-lapse of the Common, a video of a sheepdog demonstration (from the perspective of the sheep dog), and some aerial photography from our tethered balloon rig. These items will be featured in our e-newsletter coming later in October. If you are interested in seeing the newsletter sign up here.

Here is a gallery of some images from the Fair.

Thank you to all of our supporters, friends, and family.

Soon we’ll post an update about what we’re up to in Costa Rica. Until then, we’ll let the suspense build…


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