On Kickstarter, success so far

The past few weeks have been truly thrilling. We reached our first goal on Kickstarter on our 15th day, exactly halfway through our 30-day time limit. The outpouring of support from friends, family, colleagues, and many strangers (not strangers anymore!) has been inspiring and humbling.

We thought it was going to be a reach to get to 30% by day 10, but we got there in the first 24 hours! With 12 days to go, we’re now at $8,645 with 139 backers. In addition to people contributing on Kickstarter, we’ve gotten emails from people offering their help in cartography, videography, post-production, and field work. It feels great to be part of this larger creative community.

We’re now pushing to try to reach our stretch goal of $10,000. Reaching our stretch goal will allow us to cover more ground in the park, visit more classrooms, and put more of our maps in schools. We think we can do it! Below is a chart showing our progress so far, with the green line showing our original goal of $7,500. The green dot in the upper right corner is roughly the $10,000 mark.

A few key numbers:

$62  This is the average pledge so far. If this stays constant, we’ll need just 21 more backers to get to $10k.

135  This is the number of $10 pledges we need in order to reach our stretch goal.

23% This is the proportion of people who decide to make a pledge after watching our video. This means that if we need 50 more backers, we need to get almost four times that many people to watch our video. This is why it’s so helpful when folks share our Kickstarter page around with their networks.

If you have already backed us, thank you. You’ll find your name here on our in-progress team page. If you’d like your name to appear differently than how we have it, let us know.

We’d love it if you could take a moment to share this link (http://kck.st/Q9iAE8) around with your friends. If you haven’t yet backed us, we would love your support! We have some pretty neat rewards that we think you’ll enjoy.

Click here to visit our Kickstarter page and check out our project.

Thank you everyone!

To close, here’s a photo we took a couple nights ago at the Kroka Expeditions campus in Marlow, New Hampshire. It’s a 10 minute exposure, so it captures how the Earth rotates relative to the stars. We’re looking forward to doing lots of fun night photography in Patagonia!


2 responses to “On Kickstarter, success so far

  1. Dear Marty and Ross: I loved the Email I got today. Pictures are fantastic. When your project is all wrapped up I’d love to have you come to Friendship Village and put on your program for our residents. It will be terrific. Keep me posted on your progress. Love, Grandma

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