Stretch goal #1 reached! 4 days to go for stretch goal #2…

Well, it is true what they say, dreams really can come true on Kickstarter.

We are floored by all of the generous support we have received for our upcoming project mapping the future Patagonia National Park. We feel so lucky and grateful to have the support of our 162 Kickstarter backers as well as the countless others who have shared our project around to their friends. To all of you, we give our sincerest thanks.

We have reached our stretch goal of $10,000.  We have four days left (until Saturday 12/1 at 3:25pm EST) to get as many people involved through Kickstarter as possible. As anyone who has ever fundraised knows, there are minimum goals, middle goals, and high goals. Every extra dollar allows us to do more with the project.

If we can get to $12,000 before time runs out on Saturday afternoon, we will be able to expand the educational reach of our project.

As our ideas for this project have evolved, one of the things we have become most excited about is making a great educational resource. We’ve already arranged to present at several schools, ranging from the 4th grade to college level. Several classrooms are going to follow our expedition on our blog while we’re in the field. It’s awesome to be able to get kids excited about maps, conservation, spatial thinking, another country, dreams, and non-conventional career paths.

Reaching $12,000 by Saturday afternoon will be a big final push, but we think we can do it! For those of you who enjoyed seeing our progress chart in our last post, here’s an updated one. Kickstarter has updated the axes, so the green dot representing $12k is in the upper right corner, just like the $10k mark was. As you can see, in order to reach $12k by Saturday, we’ll need to exceed our current daily rate. We’ll need to raise $500 a day.

If you haven’t yet checked out our project on Kickstarter, you can do it here. If you like what you see, please consider becoming one of our backers and sharing it around with your friends.

Here’s a fun word cloud of our Kickstarter page. It shows the most frequently used words and sizes them according to how often they appear.

Right now we are compiling lots of interesting resources related to Chile, Patagonia, modern conservation, cartography methods, and creative web design. If you have any interesting articles or other bits that you’d like to share please send them our way! Leave a comment or email us directly: or

As always, we will be keeping you all in the loop on the latest updates and developments in our project here on our blog.

Thank you!


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