First 360˚ panorama

Our first 360˚ panorama

We’re about to head out into the field for the next five days to map the beautiful new Aviles Valley trail. The new trail stretches from the Río Chacabuco up the Aviles Valley to the northern boundary of the Valle Chacabuco property. We’ll go all the way up to the Reserva Nacional Jeinimeni and into Valle Hermoso, where there are several beautiful lakes. We look forward to telling you all about it! You can track us on our live map here.

In the meantime, check out our first hosted 360˚ panorama here. We’ll be producing several of these to embed into the interactive map we produce of the park. Let us know what you think!


Ross and Marty


12 responses to “First 360˚ panorama

  1. Oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous! I’m so impressed with your skills! Really wishing I was looking at that view instead of my office wall right about now…

  2. This is just the type of environment I love. Can you tell us something about the scale–IE are those grasses and shrubs in the mid-distance or trees?

  3. If you keep the right arrow pressed you start spinning in a circle and suddenly …you feel like…
    The hills are alive
    With the sound of music
    With songs they have sung
    For a thousand years
    🙂 I do like this panorama – i am compelled to try to look over the edge of some of the cliffs. My favorite part are the square bluffs that are stretching up into the air. They are in shadow with the cloud cover…this is lovely. Keep up the great work – you guys – Tia Laurita

  4. Love the panorama! I feel like I am actually there (well. . . 🙂
    I wonder if you can make the up and down buttons work though- it would be great to get a fuller picture of the sky and ground. Not sure if it’s possible. Love you guys, Gin

    • Hi Gin! Glad you like it. The technical side of things gets much more complicated if we try to do a full spherical photo instead of a cylinder. We would need about $1000 worth of extra equipment to do it, unfortunately. Not in the budget this time around, but maybe for future projects!

  5. love the panorama. Took me a minute of vertigo to get the technique down. Looking forward to more of them

    • The panorama is really fun! Can you persuade a guanaco to appear at the start to indicate scale? Or maybe one of you? All the camera work is wonderful. You are certainly missing some fabulous weather here in Massachusetts: 7 degrees, but sunny! How’s your trail cooking ?

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